Willy Nilly

The holidays are a blur for me. And frankly I’m unsure how this photo happened, even tho I can tell it’s of my zebra striped china cabinet. Often it seems that I really am just clicking off pictures ‘willy nilly’…

I love that expression… I say it in my head in a slight British accent… ‘willy nilly’ 🙂 Like what’s his name in the movie ‘Ghost Town’… “I don’t want my intimate details auctioned off to the highest bidder willy nilly.”

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It’s a really good movie if you haven’t seen it.
“You’re not a people person are you, Dr Pincus?”… “Right, given the choice between a few people and a lot of people, I’d choose my cat. She hunts dwarves, she takes them up the tree, they’re still alive, you can see their little legs going. She sounds like Nora Jones when she plays the piano.”

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14 comments on “Willy Nilly”

  1. HAHAHA. We see Ricky Gervais on Graham Norton from time to time and really like him as a human being…when he’s not on the stage performing. But willy-nilly is sometimes a good way to explain our photos, isn’t it! 🙂

    1. hehe, i like him too… on youtube there is a video of ricky’s best moments on graham norton… did you enjoy the vids from Ghost Town? it’s a great movie!

  2. a nice example of impressionism, no matter how it came about

    1. Awww… thank you for adding legitimacy to my blur… 🙂

  3. Not familiar with that movie, will have to check it out. The photo is so appropriate for the speed by which the holidays rush by. Friendship

    1. Yes, it always seems to be a quick wait for Christmas, getting quicker as the day approaches, then it’s gone in a flash… The movie is on amazon prime’s streaming service, definitely check it out, it’s fun and funny 🙂

  4. That is lovely blur. This time of year can be tough when you live in the north. Can’t see family because travel is horrendous.

    1. thanks, Michael… I’m not that far north, just a 10 min drive to the border, you know what it’s like here in the winter.. mostly just rain.. like Seattle 🙂

  5. when my camera was still new, sometimes the trigger would get pressed while i walking around, the camera hanging by the strap – later it took me a long time to figure what had actually happened, Elaine! have a good weekend.

    1. see? lol you were taking pictures WILLY NILLY hehe… you have a good weekend too, Ayush!

  6. That is lovely blur, nice day to you!

    1. thank you, Roland! just call me ‘Blur Girl’ 🙂

  7. why did i lose this picture? a great one, blurry and beautiful, making me travelling thru my best mind places like says my doctor (“le lobe temporal gauche”), a place making me confusing 3 idioms. for instance i’m reading an english text on a computer and hear it in portuguese spoken by a french journalist on the french tv. well i don’t know if you can understand such a mess in my mind. but that’s true that i’m a messy guy. forgive me if i bother you with such distorted reality, my blurred mind.

    1. you don’t bother me, hon lol i pity the people that AREN’T ‘distorted’… the normal is so bland, at best. your temporal lobe took a left turn? lol i hope my picture didn’t cause it! 🙂

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