Ray of Light

Sunset over a farm… I think.. Perhaps some sort of ancient way to protect a burial ground… 🙂

subliminal suggestion: listen to the music

So Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ came out in my Year of Living Dangerously, I remember I had the song set up to come on with my screen saver or something like that… I was lounging in bed, and I had put my laptop to the side to take a nap, but I hadn’t closed it all the way, because just as I was dozing the song came on super loud and scared the bejayzuz out of me!!! I thought I had a poltergeist lol seriously… a totally insane thought, but there it was, I thought it! Coz only a poltergeist could make a song come on when it was impossible right? hehe, makes perfect sense.

You may wonder why I had a loud ‘Ray of Light’ come on with my screen saver, and frankly I realize my error, but at the time, I just really loved the song! Don’t like the song now! It’s haunted lol

it’s not really haunted, have a watch it’s a great video! 😛

I’m not sure, but I think ‘Ray of Light’ was her last big hit.

I think Madonna was one of those artists who might have partially lip synced concerts and was over produced in the studio, i mean she can sing, but not as well as it comes off… I saw her do Ray of Light live with Lenny Kravitz on guitar, and she totally went off key for the entire chorus… a wee mistake on her part… well, she never wrote a song, i mean she input on some songs, never played an instrument. she was a beautiful dancer with an extra dose of style, who could sing fairly well, and was a PR freaking GENIUS!!!..

this was the video i discovered Madonna with, her second hit, in the 80’s. everyone thought Cyndi Lauper would go far and Madonna would die out, that just shows something about exactly who Madonna is, what stature! what an incredible woman!

This following video is of Madonna at the height of her power:

This video is her in 2019, at 61 years of age, with a ton of plastic surgery… women who were that beautiful do NOT want to age, well, who does? This video isn’t a must listen lol not a good song… but you might be curious?

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  1. I haven’t watched any of the videos, Elaine, but I had to smile when you mentioned Cyndi Lauper because she was the warm-up act when we saw Cher in concert in Atlanta years ago. So, I’ve seen Cyndi but not Madonna…and have no intention to.

    As regards your image, I immediately thought of Tibetan prayer flags!

    1. Well, we all know that Cyndi’s plastic surgery turned out better lol… I have no intention of seeing Madonna in concert either, i’m just too cool for school lolol how was Cher in concert? now SHE has a GREAT plastic surgeon!! I like Cher.
      I do not know what on earth is going on in that picture lol… kind of creepy don’t you think?

  2. Desperately Seeking Susan, and I’m still seeking Susan. Where are you Susan? Ok, it’s a bit short, but I wanted to say I remember the first years.

    1. hahaha!! i totally forgot about that movie!! i don’t think i saw it! i didn’t even see her ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ one!

  3. what on earth is that? it looks like clothes hanging.

    a phenomenon

    1. I do NOT know what on earth that is!! it’s very strange looking isn’t it?? Stephen King should come and check it out for his next movie lol

  4. WHen I looked at your photo, it reminded me of a musical score. What glorious light.

    1. thanks sweetheart, i like to take pics of sunsets, esp when the sun shows up as a big ol’ orange ball, which it didn’t in this one 🙂

  5. Yes, that is a very cool shot.

    1. thank you, Michael xox

  6. …perhaps a new technology environmental friendly to capture dreams…

    I’m not a Madonna’s fan, sorry. But the visual part of the videos is well made.

    1. lol THAT’S IT… dream catcher lol i love it!!!
      and i don’t think anyone really ADMITS to being a Madonna fan lol

  7. very nice scene Elaine, i like the time of the day, the atmosphere, even the posts at the front seem to be leaning to prevent obstructing the ones at the back. I am not intimately familiar with Madonna’s music

    1. i think there was enuff people who were ‘intimately familiar’ with Madonna haha.. it’s a weird picture isn’t it? i don’t know why the front posts are leaning, don’t know anything about the why of this pic lol

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