The Lamb of God

Who takes away the sins of the WHOLE WORLD…. Happy Holidays everyone… do listen to the song, and watch for when the cute one wrinkles his nose. 🙂

subliminal suggestion: you're doing fine

11 comments on “The Lamb of God”

  1. How lovely, Elaine (and more so because we’re on the same page today)! And yes, that video has always been a winner.

  2. Happy end of the world, oh no, sorry, happy end of the year. And I love lambs in the prairie and in my plate. And your picture.

    1. lol i’ve never eaten lamb… can’t bring myself to do it! baaaaaa, sniff sniff xoxox

  3. a sweet photograph

    1. thank you! i cropped out the mommy sheep lol i think i could have done a better job at it

  4. Looks like an evil gaze to me. Turn around and you might get a head butt in the butt.

    1. hehe, meh, you might get that from God anyway lol Merry Christmas, Michael xox

  5. O HOly NIght was my mother’s favorit carol. SO many sing it, but so few can really do it justice. I like that you have focused on the reason t=for Christmas today. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

    1. i thought that ‘Home Free’ did a good job of it, didn’t you? 🙂 and i know the reason, yes, but frankly don’t even believe Jesus was born on Dec 25 lol but still… Christmas makes me think of Jesus, yes…

  6. Very nice photo, I wish you a Merry Christmas..

    1. awwww, thank you! Merry Christmas to you too, Roland! xox

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