Until February

Yep, the tree stays up till Feb! it’s still Christmas here anyway, coz I’m Canadian and therefore part of the British Commonwealth… it’s BOXING DAY!!

In the states ‘Black Friday’ is the big shopping day, but here, it’s Boxing Day, therefore a good reason to stay home lol

it’s cat day too, well… every day is cat day

oh wait, by the time this post comes out it will be the 27th… oh well, it’s CHRISTMAS lol

Any fans of Mr Bean? here’s the Christmas show! super fun!

8 comments on “Until February”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that image, Elaine. OMG. It’s beautiful. Merry Christmas…all year ’round!

    1. THANK YOU SWEETHEART!!! it’s the first pic with the new cam.. well the new old cam 🙂 Thank you, Christmas, coz now i’ve found you, i’m going to make you staaaay lalalala

  2. What a lovey image. I, too, love Mr Bean!!! Friendship

    1. thank you, sweetie! I loved your tree images tooo

  3. you composed the shot of your tree so beautifully. blue has always been a fav for decorating to me. it has such a peaceful quality. i used all white for lights now.

    1. i’m a white light kind of girl too… hubby bought that small string on sale last year, he’s always screwing up my white light sensibilities lol… the blue is like a Tiffany blue, i had painted our living room that colour one year, and of course the tree had to match!

  4. That is a terrific shot. We didn’t even get a tree up. To much drama in our lives.

    1. I understand, Michael… I’m sorry… we don’t actually have the energy for a tree either, that is a small tabletop fake tree… ill health does take things away from us. we haven’t had a tree, a real tree in like a decade

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