Up Close Really Loud

I am an HSP, so EVERYTHING is up close and really loud…

10 comments on “Up Close Really Loud”

  1. DYnamic close up. I am also highly sensitive in many ways.

    1. thanks, sis… i had fun making that photo… it was bright orange SOOC lol

  2. I immediately thought “Thank God you don’t have tinnitus!!!” which also affects about 15-20% of people. Talk about how that would be a double-whammy! (sigh)

    1. yeah, my ears are ALWAYS ringing, but it’s mostly super high pitched and quiet, so not too bad….

  3. nice shot! i like the cool tints.

    1. thnx Ayush! I had a good time with the tints!

  4. he’s very photogenic

    1. i think so tooooo, he is quite camera shy, believe it or not, considering all the pics have taken of him! but he has grown to trust me 🙂

  5. Love the colours. But the key point in this photo is in my opinion his eye…it makes the photo personal and strong, well done.

    1. yes, it’s a rare thing for my husband not to shut his eyes when i come at him with a camera lol so thank you! xoxox

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