The Grand Illusion

Do these socks make my feet look fat?

Stripes are slimming right?

6 comments on “The Grand Illusion”

  1. that’s too funny and no, they don’t

    i like this a lot

    1. i love little stripes! always have, especially the horizontal kind 🙂

  2. SOrry to burst your illusion, but for stripes to be slimming they must be vertical. But I always like a comfy pair of socks, stripes or not.

    1. have heard haha, but it only makes me love the horizontal stripes all the more lol… and these socks are soooo comfy and soft inside!

  3. i like the different kinds of stripes, Elaine.

    1. me too!! i love thin grey stripes! i have a few articles of clothes with them 🙂 Thanks, Ayush!

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