Little Girl

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8 comments on “Little Girl”

  1. HOw can I not laugh!!!??? I see your sweet dog through a bit of a blur Friendship

    1. I knoooow haha I love having her sweet little nose up to the camera, of course she is always on the move 🙂 thanks! xox

  2. itsy-bitsy baby girl

    she’s so sweet

    1. she is sooo sweet! i’m wearing a turtle neck today, so she has basically spent the whole night in my bra 🙂

  3. A mini-wolf. 🙂

    1. haha!! yes, she may be small, but she be fierce!! great to see you, Phil xoxox

  4. baby? nice shot!

    1. yes, she’s my little baby 🙂 thanks, Roland!

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