No Go.

“Gustav, forget it, it’s a no go”
Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Do you mean ‘NO GO’, or do you mean, ‘NO,GO!
“No go no go… Just shut up, you’re making me nervous…”
ok, it’s a go….

6 comments on “No Go.”

  1. lol, that’s a good dialogue

    love the shot too. looks like everyone has to stop

    1. thanks sister! 🙂 I love that movie lol do you remember when my photoblog was called ‘stoplight’ waaay back when!?

  2. Great image to go with that dialog. Friendship

    1. Thank you so much… I do free associate a little lol

  3. i do agree with Sherri. i love this kind of uncertaintity 😉

    1. thank you, Francis xoxox… it’s the heisenberg uncertainty principle! 🙂

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