Bathroom Bunny

Do you see the white hairbrush off to the side? My mother bought it from a door to door Fuller Brush salesman in the 1950s… I still have it, she bought it because of her scalp hurting and gave it to me coz i had inherited the same problem… it’s a 70 year old brush and it’s still in great shape… they just don’t make stuff like that anymore.

hippity hoppity... hippity hoppity... hippity hoppity...

The bunny is a ceramic bunny with a hole in it’s butt where you stick cotton in, and rip off as needed… I searched high and low for years for one of these!

Why? because I made one in ceramics class when I was 12 years old, I painted it purple because it was my fave colour, and it got messed up in the firing phase, and it was all blotchy, but that just made it more special to me.. and right after hubby and i got married, we were packing up the house to move to British Columbia, and he fumbled my bunny and it shattered on the floor… sniff sniff, i never forgot my bunny.

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  1. I remember the fuller Brush man coming and my mother buying things. I am sorry about your bunny. I am emotionally attached to some of my things so I know how much it affects you when it is ruined. Friendship

    1. yes, it’s amazing, the things you walk by everyday, without a second thought, but when they leave us tragically… oh how we cry

  2. the bunny is adorable and i love the darkness here

    wonderful that you have the treasure of your mother’s brush

    1. yes yes, it’s plastic so when my husband drops it, it doesn’t break 🙂 thanks, sis!

  3. the Fuller Brush man! i actually wondered if they were still around … they are!

    1. really?? do they still go door to door? I’ve never met one myself lol

  4. “it’s a 70 year old brush and it’s still in great shape… they just don’t make stuff like that anymore.” we’ll have to make again products usable for decades and stop to produce built-in obsolescence shit !!!

    1. oh i agree!!! we have this ancient contraption that belonged to my grandmother that mashes potatoes.. and it’s solid metal and works great and i’m sure it will never stop working great, and that company prolly went out of business lol sad, isn’t it?

  5. Your little guardian bunny is very cute. I like the “mood.”

    1. he’s on the back of the toilet with other clutter lol i wanted you to mostly just see the bunny and not her ignoble surroundings 🙂

  6. that is a nice story of the bunny although it did not end well. i like the smooth feel of it, Elaine.

    1. well, it ended well that i finally got a replacement bunny, so there’s that to console us 🙂

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