The Thinker

Remember when the thinker statue had his fist on his forehead? It’s a mandela effect that it’s now on his chin…

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  1. my friend Pierre Janet tried to explain the mandela effect to me but I never understood anything. the little angel perched on my left shoulder whispers in my ear that Janet died before I was born and so I couldn’t meet Janet. is it true? am I too a victim of the mandela effect?

    1. no no, but i’m assuming you are joking! the mandela effect is about memory, where people remember things a certain way, and they aren’t that way (in this universe) but there is what is called ‘residue’ as clues that we were right to remember it that way, but something has changed reality… the parallel universe theory was actually proven, a few years back, but it turns out it’s not yet proven in this reality… but that’s my theory… it’s a parallel universe, but who knows…

  2. that’s a good portrait of hubby

    1. why, thank ye, sistah!

  3. I had not heard of this before. Great portrait though. Friendship

    1. it will hurt your brain anyway lol… thanks, about the portrait xox

  4. Definitely deep in thought. Nice portrait!

    1. harsh lighting, but i like it anyway 🙂 he’s prolly just staring at someone across the restaurant, he’s a people watcher!
      thnx, Phil… good to see you!

  5. brilliant shot, Elaine, i like the light here.

    1. why, thank you, Ayush! you’re too kind 🙂

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