“I love your pictures of clouds! How do you take such good pictures of clouds??”…

go outside... summon clouds... push the button... (don't forget your camera inside)

10 thoughts on “Cloud Busting

    1. haha, that’s Jordan Oram… the video is 9 years old… i used to talk to him on G+ until he got mad at me for making fun of the dahli lama hehe, my sense of humour was waaay off colour back then, so i imagine it was a horrifying joke to him 🙂 but yeah, i talked to him the day he uploaded that video… so i thought of him and his cloud pictures coz he is still at the top of my gmail contacts, so i see his stupid name every day even though i don’t even know him at all really lol

  1. i have never really shot clouds just for themselves, Elaine. they are probably part of the overall landscape but not the sole subject. so i like your presentation here.

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