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I love pictures of the road…

10 comments on “Motorin’”

  1. Well, when you see the mountains in the distance like that, no wonder, Elaine, even on a gloomy sort of day! Well done.

    1. thanks… there are a lot of days with cloud cover here… very rainy in these parts… i don’t mind 🙂 (it’s cloud illusions I recall, I really don’t mind clouds, at all lalala)

  2. yes, that is something i like too, except that i am neither driving nor in the passenger seat. i like this view – feels like a big city is coming up and the ride is probably going to end in a while.

    1. yes 🙂 the trip musts end or run into the mountains lol Thanks, Ayush

  3. the mountains are beautiful surrounding you

    1. yes… just the rockies 🙂

  4. Nice gray mood. It looks like an interesting drive. What are the taller buildings in the background?

    1. they are just some condos in whatever ‘burb that is… New Westminster maybe? I never know which direction we are going in 🙂

  5. oh Elaine, i do love your roady pictures, maybe you are the Canadian Lady of the roads of your vast country, the second largest in the world. Go on!

    1. I’m more the canadian lady of THE COUCH haha… which is probably why being out on the road is a novelty to me… thank you, Francis! xox

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