dude, I'm going to kill you! .... *DING*... :)

9 comments on “Ding”

  1. My first thought, seriously, was “nice hands.” 🙂

    1. he has nice feet too 🙂

  2. Very evocative image. Friendship

    1. thanks!! friendship back 🙂

  3. what? are you joking?

    reminds me of that movie, uhh, Meg Ryan and. oh, i know you know the one out in San Francisco where the young couple rents to the crazy guy.

    I had to google it.

    Pacific Heights

    1. yeah wasn’t that nichole kidman?
      am i joking about what? yes, the whole post was a joke 🙂

    2. very dark interpretation lol, i guess i should have put in a smiley face lol

  4. i like the nails, Elaine.

    1. i know, right they look manicured lol thanks, Ayush

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