choking and calling.. name after name after name...

10 thoughts on “Sleep Walk

  1. i like the image and the band even more, Elaine. i was not familiar with them but they really caught my fancy.

  2. I’ve never known, personally, a sleepwalker and wonder what that would be like. Scary, I would think…especially if they’re out crossing a street??!! YIKES.

  3. One of my brothers was a sleep walker. It is really kind of strange. He talked and interacted, but had no recollection in the morning. The image portrays it well. Friendship

  4. when she was a child, one sister of mines was a sleepwalker, now she is a sleeprunner slaloming between the cars 😢 what will be the next step?
    and Ultravox remembers me my youg times. when i was a deafwalker, with Jimi Hendrix in my headphones.

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