Sleep Walk

choking and calling.. name after name after name...

10 comments on “Sleep Walk”

  1. i like the image and the band even more, Elaine. i was not familiar with them but they really caught my fancy.

    1. oh thanks, Ayush!!
      ULTRAVOX!! they are a classic band!

  2. I’ve never known, personally, a sleepwalker and wonder what that would be like. Scary, I would think…especially if they’re out crossing a street??!! YIKES.

    1. i woke up doing something weird in my sleep 2 wks ago… scared me bad!!

  3. One of my brothers was a sleep walker. It is really kind of strange. He talked and interacted, but had no recollection in the morning. The image portrays it well. Friendship

    1. wow how eerie that must have been! i’m glad he was safe!

  4. when she was a child, one sister of mines was a sleepwalker, now she is a sleeprunner slaloming between the cars 😢 what will be the next step?
    and Ultravox remembers me my youg times. when i was a deafwalker, with Jimi Hendrix in my headphones.

    1. oh. Francis! I’m sorry about your sister! I pray for safety!

  5. love the portrait. she does look like she’s sleepwalking.

    1. she does doesn’t she? 🙂 thanks, sis xox

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