On The Farm

One day my husband had a VERY VERY bad day at work, and he came home to me in the middle of the day seeking comfort and sanctuary… So I took him out to see a matinee of the movie ‘Babe’ which had just come out.

we had a lovely time, we built small snow bunnies all in a row, beside the sidewalk, and went home singing:

“If I had words to make a day for you, I’d sing you a morning golden and true. And I would make this day last for all time, then fill the night, deep in moon shine lalala’

That movie came out 25 years ago!!! I remember that day as if it was a month ago…

Time seems so cruel to me. Especially when my time seems only used for getting old.

Mom? Are pigs for eatin'?

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  1. a lovely image to accompany your words

    1. thank you sis.. i’ve been known to crawl on the ground to get a picture of grass lol

  2. really a very good picture. and your text moved me a lot, cause that’s something i can feel from time to time. is this last expression good? maybe not cause time is really cruel, or our perception of time is cruel. some phycisians argue that time doesn’t exist, i.e. time is an human invention. and i understand better why Jesus offers us the eternity if time doesn’t exist. hey Jesus, your promise is really as good as Trump’s ones. well we’re getting older, but we can try to take showers every day and laugh many times each day that god makes.

    1. ‘every man is his own clock, tic toc, but for the shock of love to set his heart beating again’…. every cell in our body only has a certain amount of times it can replicate… we are on a clock, even tho time is an illusion of space…. Jesus offers eternity, because He will remove the clock 🙂

  3. What a blessing he has a sanctuary in you. We all need that soft place sometimes. Beautiful image to go with your words. Friendship

    1. oh yes, he is such a strong man, how often i am NOT called to be a sanctuary, my job is not over burdening. xoxox

  4. I’ve tried three times to respond to your photo and the other posts. Bottom line: I find grasses intriguing and very challenging to photograph successfully. As for the comments, I tend to get “theological” and I know that not everyone would share my beliefs, so I delete what I write out of respect for you, Elaine, and your creative efforts here. I adored your story of your support of Gilles, enjoyed the little movie clip, and found interest in the comments as your photo and story stirred the thoughts of your friends. But, basically, I see love in it all and I am absolutely convinced that Jesus’ promises will stand when nothing else does. And I’m sure He works in your heart–because we see that so often. So, my Canadian friend, I hope I haven’t caused a problem. So sorry if I did–and if I did, I’ll kiss everyone on the nose just to apologize.

    1. oh don’t worry about it Phil… everybody loves Jesus sooner or later 🙂 sooner or later… thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment, for appreciating what i do… but i’m sure everyone would dearly love a kiss on the nose anyway 🙂

  5. that was a very nice anecdote, Elaine. thank you for sharing. and i like the serene grass image.

    1. thank you, Ayush… yes, it was ‘the gift of a day’ 🙂

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