Skynet is Self-Aware

Skynet is self aware and it’s not in a charitable mood.

Elon Musk says that in order for AI to be safe, we need to make it part of our bodies…

some say we need to upload our minds into our computers, live forever

WHAT A HORRIBLE THOUGHT!!! what with the MESS that goes on in MY mind, I do NOT want to be immortal and LIKE THIS… never mind what hackers could do!

I recently heard that I am full of negativity and unrealistic expectations

I dream of a perfect world, a world of love… and I don’t like this world much…

seems reasonable to me…

my mom used to say ‘you’re just like your dad, nose in the clouds, no good to anyone’

but to these sorts of people who say things like this about me…. who toss me aside in order to feel strong and perfect in their own lives, cleaning out the garbage and all that rot… to them i say, i would much rather be me THAN YOU!!!

here’s skynet, that sarah conner; she is just so full of negativity

12 comments on “Skynet is Self-Aware”

  1. That photo is full of mystery. As I grow old I am finding myself more and more positive in my thoughts. I try to let go of those who are not nice to me. (Not easy when it is inlaws). The mystery that is ME is valuable, just not to them.. Friendship

    1. i’m glad you are growing more and more positive… i put up with people being mean for too long, then i start setting boundaries and they think I’M being mean lol and they get meaner, then they abandon me, but that’s a big ol’ GOOD riddance lol the mystery that is me is valuable, just not to them… i like that…. xoxox

  2. I would stay far away from Elon Musk! I’d rather enjoy your dream. Seems like the best. You photo reminds me of the time I was a boy scout (yes, I was) and we built all kinds of strange things.

    1. well, shoot, i was thinking of making elon musk my next husband lol ‘
      yes, you could say i’m a dreamer!
      a boy scout and a dreamer! we would make a good team! xox

  3. God never intended for us to live forever in our sin-cursed condition because He knew that would be miserable for us too. He provided salvation through His Son and after we pass from this life, we’ll live in perfect bodies in His presence. Of course, those who don’t accept the substitutional work of Jesus will live forever with Satan in a devil’s hell. Elon thinks he can make himself live forever in a world of his own making, but one day he will learn differently.

    i absolutely love your image. the color palette, in particular, is exquisite

    1. oh hon, you should get a book from called ‘martin zender goes to hell’ here, you can find it on this page:
      thanks about the picture! xox

  4. Another boy scout here! Your photo let me think…they are coming…for us…

    1. you think? oh well, just another thing to worry about lol

  5. that is indeed a threatening look in the image, Elaine. and that was one of my favourite movies growing up!

    1. lol ‘sarah conner?’… ‘she’s not home’… ‘i’ll be back’
      iconic lol
      thanks, Ayush! xox

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