Train Wreck

“Can’t you at least PRETEND to like him?”

“I AM pretending!”

(Amy and her sister in the movie ‘Trainwreck’… spoiler alert in the video below)

8 comments on “Train Wreck”

  1. It is Monday and I am having a hard time connecting the train photo with the quote and video. I do like the red train and how you composed the shot. Friendship

    1. oh, haha, the MOVIE the video clip is from is called ‘Trainwreck’.. and the quote is from the same movie lol sorry for the confusion… thanks about the picture xox i like the motorcycle boy in it!

  2. No spoiler alert need – since I have seen it. This is probably the best quote from the film.. As for the photo, I agree with ruthiebear, i like the colours and the composition with the bike cutting in from the left. 🙂

    1. lol you’ve seen it?? i thought i would be the only one in the crowd with such a sense of humour lol way to go Otto!
      and thanks about the picture, too kind, as always xoxox

  3. this is one of the brighter wagons that i have seen, Elaine. normally i see drab shades of maroon or some rusty shades of green.

    1. i think we have those colours of trains here too, maybe not the green though…

  4. i’m pretty sure i’ve never seen a red train before. it looks quite nice. i like the capture of the motorcycle coming into the pic.

    1. just freight cars, they come in different colours… i probably didn’t notice the motorcycle when i was taking the pic! thanks, sherri xox

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