Blue Monday

From the past until completion
They’ll turn away no more
And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today

Tell me how does it feel, when your heart grows cold?

~Blue Monday.. by New Order

10 comments on “Blue Monday”

  1. Sometimes blues, sometimes happy…

    1. hello, robert… indeed, though i’m kind of partial to the blues 🙂 at least in photos

  2. love everything about this one, elaine. the processing works perfectly for the scene you captured.

    1. thank you so much, sherri, i must confess that i love it when i can make a blue heaven of a picture 🙂

  3. I like the tie in of the blue tones, and the blues. Friendship

    1. thank you, ruthie… blue on blue 🙂

  4. Cool photo. Cool Blue. Cool Song. Nice cool post.

    1. i’m so glad you enjoyed it, Phil… thank you xoxox

  5. i like the shot, Elaine. that is quite a massive blue building but i do not see/feel anything ‘blue’ about it.

    1. i think it’s a happy building too, Ayush! thank you, hon xox

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