Memories of Downtown

downtown, everything's waiting for you

12 comments on “Memories of Downtown”

  1. SUch a classic oldie. YOur image gives a visual beautifully. Friendship

    1. thank you for your kind comment, ruthie xoxox… yes, that’s an oldie alright!

  2. Ooo, i absolutely love the color palette of your textures. makes it happy, somehow.

    1. it does look kind of happy doesn’t it? lol i was kind of aiming for an eerie, depressing post lol thank, sis!! xoxox

  3. A good image and a special song make me happier! Thanks Elaine!

    1. i’m so glad… it did turn out happier than i meant it to lol

  4. I love in your image how the colours and the txture work well together.

    1. thanks again, i love working with textures!! xox

      1. And you are very good at it 🙂

      2. i used to be better, i lost loads of textures in a computer mishap! but thank you xoxox

  5. Nice photo. I’m surprised you didn’t use a video of the Canadian “Five Man Electrical Band” singing their hit song “Signs.” How could it be??? 😉

    1. maybe next time, Phil… great idea! 🙂

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