Keep Watch

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My husband’s watch, I think he got it from his work for an award…

keep watch, for you know not what time your Master arrives

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  1. Though I mdid not watch the entire video, what I did watch makes sense. We all need to be diligent in our self care. Lovely image of your hubby’s hands and watch.. Friendship

    1. oh, actually i forgot to watch the vid to the end too!! doh! things aren’t bad in canada yet… yet…
      thanks about the image 🙂

  2. The key point is not to underevauate it and react strong as soon as possible. Forget the economy, which is important but can be recovered later. Take actions soon. Strong actions even if not popular.
    I know, it’ s so difficult in a democratic nation. But it is the only way to fight it. It s a war and the sniper is out there. You do not where but he’s ready to shoot.
    Reacting soon avoid the pèroblem becomes too big.Pleae.
    Just my 2 cents from my apartment where my wife and me will noo go out for so long as necessary,
    PS: it’s a good photo, different style Elaine 🙂
    robert, italy

    1. i’m going to be talking to my husband about prepping, because he is dragging his feet… i don’t want to wait until there is nothing on the store shelves! i just watched a news story on Italy… so scary!

  3. i love watches and i like how you captured this

    1. thanks sherri, i used to be addicted to buying watches lol now, i never know what time it is lol

  4. I like the photo, Elaine. My watch is 48 years old and has outlasted several others. The video is interesting and should make a person desire transparency and truthfulness in the face of a potentially devastating worldwide problem. Meanwhile, the “normal” flu is pounding away at us as well. The world is a hard and harsh place. Take care, everyone!

    1. Hi Philster… that’s so cool that you kept your watch that long!
      thanks about the vid… yeah, it’s a biiiggg problem! at least the normal flu only has an R0 of 1 and not 5!! but i hear ya!

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