A Corner

Nobody puts Baby in a corner...

8 comments on “A Corner”

  1. I like the moody feel of the photo that mimics the video. Friendship

    1. awww thanks! high compliment indeed, it’s very hard to pair a video with a pic

  2. I see you are channeling Eggleston again. Cool.

    1. i actually take a lot of pics like that… i don’t usually post them tho 🙂 thanks, Phil xox

  3. i like your lighting, Elaine. i liked quite a few of the movies by Patrick Swayze.

    1. thanks, Ayush… i can’t really remember any other of his movies, except ‘ghost’ and ‘roadhouse’

  4. such a cool photo. your lighting is very heartwarming.

    1. thanks sweetie… those are my all year round Christmas lights 🙂

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