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16 thoughts on “Remembering Restaurants

    1. i said to my husband, a couple days ago, ‘let’s go out to eat before the option is taken away from us’ and the next day they shut all restaurants!! i’m kind of sad that i didn’t get a last meal

  1. yes, these are strange times indeed, Elaine. new developments take place almost everyday and every time i look at the news, i wonder what next!

  2. I remember when my mother tried to teach me how to set the silver placement. I kept asking “Why do we need all these extra forks and spoons?” The answer was, “That’s the way it is.” And that somewhat sums up life itself in the these crazy days, I suppose. Extra measures of compassion and kindness may seem out of step with the panic, but they certainly are necessary. May the Golden Rule shine! (Matthew 7:12)

    1. following the golden rule made me weird as a kid lol you can’t make me drink that koolaid again haha… i remember the extra forks and spoons from my short stint in home-ec class lol

      1. Please feel free to edit any comment I make. I’ll stick to comments on the photos from here out.
        But, hey, Kool-Aid. I do like the red stuff.

  3. An emblematic photo. This is our time now. The world changed. It will take time, it is an hard fight, we all need to make our part. We have a small restaurant behind the corner, it is run by two brother, only 12-12 tables. It is very familiar place, like being home. No luxus, simple food. We miss it…so much. But one day w’ll be able to go there again 🙂 maybe not soom bat that day will come 🙂
    Nice treatmanet in your photo, brava!

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