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  1. books are delightful on so many levels. of course your display here are tools, but even once we’ve read other types of books, they’re wonderful to have around. nice capture.

    1. i used to have soooo many books, if i walked into a house that wasn’t full of books, i judged them haha…. i have a feeling you get me lol thanks, sister xox

  2. Looks like you are into cooking? I have many enough books, but hardly any cookbooks. Might have to think about that now…

    1. nope!! i loathe cooking lol my husband does the cooking, and he doesn’t like cookbooks, so granted, the books are mine haha

      1. That sounds like a perfect deal. You have the books. He makes the food.

  3. I used to have SOOOO many books. I gave away and sold most of them. NOw I read ebooks. But I still have a jam packed shelf of cookbooks in my kitchen. I have a few special recipes in them, but mostly they just gather dust. This brought memories when I looked at the titles. Friendship

    1. yes, these are gathering dust as well… my husband takes down the good housekeeping one every now and then though…thanks, sister xox

  4. I met a man who made a hobby of collecting cookbooks. He said he had over 6000 at last count. Well, ok.

    1. wow.. would make it kind of hard deciding what to make for dinner! lol

  5. Books forever ! WE have many cookbooks but we do not use them very oft. I am the cook in our house, sometimes I read an idea, a recipe but than in most of cases I simplify it. My wife likes to buy cookbooks but she never works in the kitchen…LOL…sometimes whe say darling we could do this or that …we need these ingredients…and I understand it means you could prepare this…LOL

    1. hahaha!!! i understand that kind of arangement lol only my husband takes great offence when i make suggestions about his cooking lol

  6. i am always drawn by titles on a book shelf and your shot is excellent, Elaine.

    1. can you read the titles? i put a texture on the picture 🙂 thanks, Ayush xox

  7. I’m guessing you’re a great cook … we’ll be right over for dinner

    1. NOPE!!! my husband is the great cook lol

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