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8 comments on “Mushaboom”

  1. I am a big fan of mushrooms. Tonight I am making mushroom stroganoff for dinner, served over spaghetti squash. YOu photo looks yummy. Friendship

    1. sounds yummy! enjoy your dinner! Friendship xox

  2. Love shrooms. The video is cool and very upbeat. I like.

    1. yeah, i have that song on my Napster playlist lol it’s cute enuff to listen to over and over again… (i love shrooms too) xox

  3. i like the treatment and focus in this shot, Elaine. I would not know how to prepare mushrooms!

    1. my husband usually fries them 🙂
      thanks about the focus, it’s my lovely 45mm lens lol

  4. i thought you didn’t like the brown variety. makes a terrific photo though. actually, gives more dimension than the white, button mushrooms would provide.

    1. you are right, i prefer the white mushrooms… hehe, i didn’t know i had ever mentioned that, you have a great memory!
      thanks about the photo, sherri xox

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