Strange selfie work… I don’t remember making this…

hold me and say it isn't true

18 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. wow, what an amazing portrait of yourself. you look beautiful!

    you also looked depressed and you look like you have a black eye. i know you don’t, but it’s the shadows in the artwork. amazing image.

    1. high praise indeed, sherri!!! thank you so much! I don’t know what i was doing with the stuff over my face lol i probably was depressed lol

  2. i quite it like it with the background, Elaine.
    my aging phone is running out of storage space so i usually do not take photos on my phone anyway

  3. Cute video…very “girlie.” lol As for your photo, suddenly it’s the middle ’60’s and the psychedelic circus.
    Timothy Leary sends his regards.

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