A Room With A View

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  1. It is like a dream. LIke while isolated we are dreaming of other places. Friendship

    1. things haven’t changed much for me on that front… i’ve been quite housebound for a long time… thanks ruthie xox

  2. a stunning result, elaine

    the color palette is exquisite

    1. thank you sister… this is an old picture from an old folder on my computer… from when i was less lazy lol

  3. Fade and blur let the stories roam and play. 🙂

    1. two of my favorite things, lol, fade and blur! thanks, Phil xoxo

  4. ghostly cool

    1. thanks! xoxox

  5. i like the dream like feel to this image, something that takes us back to our childhood or people we drifted away from, Elaine.

    1. that’s beautiful, Ayush! thank you! xox

  6. Like a painting by the impressionists. Beautiful.

    1. thanks, it came from an old file folder, don’t remember doing it… am just glad one of YOUR pictures didn’t end up on my computer haha

      1. Are we back to that discussion now?

      2. nope, it’s just a joke

  7. Sorry to be late here Elaine! There is a beauty in this photo, excellent impressionistic style!

    1. thanks for stopping by, even late, it cheered me up to see your comments, thank you, robert xox

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