When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all...

12 thoughts on “Like a Bridge…

  1. i’ve always loved that song and have it in my playlist on my iPhone now. love, love the image you captured. the view through the bridge railing adds another layer. again, your mountains are gorgeous. i so miss the mountains.

    1. it’s a beautiful song.. tho i have ‘Cecilia’ on my playlist 🙂
      thanks about the image… so many times i have taken pretty much the same picture while going over that bridge, it is dotted through this photoblog
      i’m sorry you have no mountains, they are beautiful, and somehow calming that the more things change, the more they stay the same xoxox

  2. hey, they were young! Yes, a beautiful song which brings many memories and the hope we’ll go over all this trouble, fear, insanity…nice clouds in your picture!
    Stay well and safe, keep the creative work coming 🙂

    1. yes haha when they were young 🙂 and when i was just a little girl, listening to a radio… i’m not sure about the memories!
      what else is there to do, but be a little bit creative? post pics and chase God xoxox

    1. really? i’ve always considered my photos to be boring, ie. i have a BORING way of seeing the world lol… so thank you for the nice compliment, but i’m not sure what you see in me xoxox

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