Over The Rainbow

This picture, I took years ago, when digital photography was just starting out, and the cameras weren’t so great, that really is nasty noise in the picture, meaning i didn’t do it on purpose, like i do now lol… it was across the street, had an ugly house in the pic, so i cropped it small… but now it suits my blog anyway. 🙂

To cheer you up, here is little Connie Talbot, then and now, singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’… the first one when she was six years old auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent, the second one, all grow’d up, just yesterday, she comes full circle in life and sings it for us again! thanking the front line workers during this freaking plague.

the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true...

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10 comments on “Over The Rainbow”

  1. i love your rainbow capture and the noise. nice that you got it the easy way : – )

    1. yes! haha, it’s actually practically impossible to get good noise these days lol thanks sis xox

  2. Recently I saw a vibrant rainbow and posted it on my blog. Rainbows symbolize promise to me. The songs are both wonderful. I like the version by that Hawaiian singer with the ukelele also. I do remember View Masters which you commented about on my blog. Friendship

    1. thank you for your lovely comment, sister xox you made me feel happy about rainbows for a moment there… it’s nice to feel happy in these times!

  3. Gee, thanks. You made me cry.

    1. oh gosh!! i’m so sorry, Phil… it makes me cry too, and i don’t consider myself a big cryer… i know how you feel… but they are good tears, right?

  4. 🙂 a good song for a soggy NYC morning

    1. i’m sorry that you are living in NY, dude!

  5. i think the noise actually adds a bit to the colours, Elaine!

    1. and I agree with you, boo xoxox thanks!!

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