More Than Words

This is a picture of my husband, an older picture, just coz ‘I love you, Gilles’ 🙂

'More than words.. is all I ever want to hear from you..'

I used to bust my butt to please my mother… maybe all kids do that, but I never stopped. When we moved to the coast, my parents used to come and visit, and after not seeing my mother for a few years I decided to make her a present.

She always loved my guitar playing, and so I decided to learn to sing and play ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme

Obviously I had to put up two comedians making fun of me AND Extreme lol

12 comments on “More Than Words”

  1. He is getting his beauty sleep, isn’t he? But where is your version of ‘More Than Words’?

    1. lol, i’m afraid i never recorded me doing the song… now my voice is gone, and i don’t really remember how to play a guitar 🙂

  2. good video : – )

    fantastic portrait of hubby

    1. thank you, my dear! perhaps i should have posted the non-parody one with it lol

  3. For me it was my father who I could never please. I love this serene photo of your hubby. Friendship

    1. thank you, sweetie… i always used to take pics of him sleeping, caught a lot of flack for it lol xox

  4. the close crop came out pretty good, Elaine!

    1. thanks, it’s from some canon DSLR back in the day, i loved close shots with it! xox

  5. sssssh … don’t wake him up

    1. hehe, if he really was asleep, he’s practically impossible to wake up 🙂

  6. …dreaming, thinking…of you…of good life…good times…great photos, love how a detail can tell a story…an interesting subject…and a good photographer…love the mood…

    1. one of my bad photos that isn’t evenly bad lol his nose is in focus 🙂 but yes, sleep is my husband’s happy place! and thanks about the good photographer thing, it’s hard for me to accept that kind of compliment lol

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