If You’re Lost…

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Sometimes I try to pretend that God is singing a song to me… some songs are better for this use than others 🙂

If you're lost look can look and you will find me, time after time

12 comments on “If You’re Lost…”

  1. a beautifully composed shot. gotta love the grit.

    1. thank you, sweetie… your comment reminds me of the movie ‘true grit’… loved that movie, with john wayne

      1. and True Grit had the store in it owned by the Bagby family which is my married surname. that was actually based on a true bit of info because at that time there were some Bagby family members who had moved from Virginia to Fort Smith, Arkansas which is where that was supposed to be taking place. the gateway to the west.

      2. wow!! only a couple of degrees of separation from John Wayne! way cool story, thanks for sharing! that was one of my fave movies when i was a little girl, except the part where he kills the little horse by whipping it too hard, trying to get the little chick to help.

  2. YOu have to watch this video God is Singing Over Me https://youtu.be/AxkSHcy-mbQ (COpy and paste into your browser) Let me know what you think. Regi is one of my favorite worship leaders. Friendship

    1. sweet song, sister, i like that scripture he was talking about too… is that the one that says ‘He will skip around you like a calf?’… thanks for sharing xoxox

  3. good song … underrated singer

    1. i agree she is underrated… back when, she and madonna hit the scene at the same time, and it was predicted that cyndi would outlast madonna and do better than she did… didn’t quite work out that way!

  4. It could be the frame of a movie…probably the story of a man who afraid of a virus decided lo live on a roof …

    1. thanks robert, you are too kind, and very insightful xoxox

  5. once upon a time (after time) i pretended that a song could be sung by people attending my cremation, i found it, and now i forgot it. maybe because i’m not ready for this moment 😎

    1. did you know that our brains stop working as well if we think of our own death? yep, it’s true, so maybe your brain just forgot it coz it wasn’t working 😀

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