Not In Africa

Tonight I feel lazy… so here is a picture of a field on the way out to our RV… I set my camera to the ‘toy’ filter and it always gives too much of a vignette.

I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become

DO listen to the choir singing ‘Africa’ by Toto… it’s totally amazing!

14 comments on “Not In Africa”

  1. watcha think? i love the picture, giving the feeling of freedom during this time of confinement. and the chorale is really amazing!

    1. awww thank you! i don’t like the pic too much, but i could be in a bad mood lol wasn’t the chorale cool? so many joyful faces!

  2. I do love choirs! the harmonies always get to me. There is a dream like quality to your image today. Friendship

    1. thank you ruthie xoxox i’ve never seen a choir do that well… tho ‘sister act’ was a good movie lol

  3. oh, i like it a lot. reminds me of old film.

    1. ya think? i wish i had a photoshop action for natural looking grain… thanks, sister xoxox

  4. WOW as very oft with your post I do not know what is better, if your photo or the musical contribution! I have never been to Africa…but there must be places where the nature is great!
    The choral brings much enthusiasm and joy which are really helpful in these strange days, thanks!

    1. i know right? watching some of the faces singing, they looked sooo joyful, and yes, it does help, doesn’t it?
      thank you for your sweet comment, robert 🙂

  5. cool pic … love that song!

    1. thanks, dude… i especially like their version of it! x

  6. i really like the lime-green colours in the field, Elaine. this is the only song from this band that i know and like.

    1. yeah, i need to get my monitor calibrated, Ayush lol… and it does seem that Toto was a one hit wonder!

  7. Very nice photo!

    1. awww, thanks, Roland! xox

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