No Scrubs

8 comments on “No Scrubs”

  1. As clear as it gets! And what a strong photo. I love the look – of the guy and the grungy photo.

    1. yeah lol i didn’t mean for that guy to be spoken of in that way, but i had the song running thru my head, and his was the only ‘scrubby’ pic i had xoxox

  2. he appears to be looking right at you

    1. he totally IS looking right at me, with a wee smile even lol thanks, sis

  3. The words and the photo are perfect together! Friendship

    1. thank you 🙂 i tried lol xox

  4. Yep, scrub guy. Probably a PhD in nuclear physics, wearing rings on each finger, with $1000 in his pocket, driving a Harley that costs almost as much as your car. Hello, Mr. Scrub, SIR. I wanna be you!

    1. hehe, he was the only picture i had that could even remotely go with the song lol

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