Sexiest Man Alive

Yes, this is, to me, the sexiest man alive …my husband 🙂

makes me wanna shoop ...Shoop shoop ba-doops shoop ba-doop

Ok, how about, to me, the sexiest man dead? …Yul Brynner 🙂 no, i didn’t take the photo 😛

i like bald men, they make me wanna shoop, no, i don’t know what that means, let’s watch this x rated video to find out lol

15 comments on “Sexiest Man Alive”

  1. He’s second only to Patrick Stewart

    1. haha!! yeah, patrick stewart, sexy star trek captain lol

  2. as it should be

    beautiful blue eyes

    1. awww, thanks, sis! they are beautiful in real life too! especially when he is happy 🙂

  3. My husband’s eyes and smile still melt me after 46 years of marriage. I understand. A fabulous portrait of him and his eyes. Friendship

    1. i know what you mean, sometimes when i am waiting in the car for him to come out of a store, i watch the doorway, and when hubby comes thru, my heart skips a beat or two! still, after all these years! xox

  4. I remember my sister long time ago said that Roger Daltrey in The Who was the sexiest man. But I guess he isn’t dead yet – and who I am to know?

    1. ick, i don’t like rock stars lol i used to take pics of them long ago, i hung out with a super groupie, then all the pics got stolen out of my photography locker at the end of school… i went thru all that ickiness for nothing lol

    2. you honestly can’t tell that Yul Brynner is HOT?? i can tell when girls are lol

      1. Maybe something is wrong in my head, or maybe what fires me up is just different than for most girls or women…

      2. lol yeah, i guess you are different than most girls 🙂

  5. not so sure what to think LOL strong eyes…powerful…

    1. lol i know… i shouldn’t have put you guys on the spot 🙂

  6. excellent treatment, Elaine. i like the twinkling blue eyes.

    1. thank you, Ayush! he was looking out a sunny window… and photoshop lol

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