Yes, this is, to me, the sexiest man alive …my husband 🙂

makes me wanna shoop ...Shoop shoop ba-doops shoop ba-doop

Ok, how about, to me, the sexiest man dead? …Yul Brynner 🙂 no, i didn’t take the photo 😛

i like bald men, they make me wanna shoop, no, i don’t know what that means, let’s watch this x rated video to find out lol

15 thoughts on “Sexiest Man Alive

  1. My husband’s eyes and smile still melt me after 46 years of marriage. I understand. A fabulous portrait of him and his eyes. Friendship

    1. i know what you mean, sometimes when i am waiting in the car for him to come out of a store, i watch the doorway, and when hubby comes thru, my heart skips a beat or two! still, after all these years! xox

    1. ick, i don’t like rock stars lol i used to take pics of them long ago, i hung out with a super groupie, then all the pics got stolen out of my photography locker at the end of school… i went thru all that ickiness for nothing lol

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