Don’t Wanna Work

That looks like Robo-Pigeon on top of the door…

I don't wanna work. I just want to bang on the drum all day...

14 comments on “Don’t Wanna Work”

  1. good image for your words, especially with greyscale choice.

    1. ok, i’m awake now, will come and comment 🙂
      thanks sis xox

  2. Bang on the drum? What if I want to bang of the garage door – isn’t much a better sound? And I wonder what comes out of the CTV or whatever is hanging over the garage. Great photo because I can make up my own story in my head.

    1. hehe, you always make up nice stories for my photos, i love that about you! xoxox

  3. I think robo pigeon is recording – maybe the baning on the drum, or on the door? Friendship

    1. yeah lol… robo pigeon probably works for google lol friendship back xox

  4. Robo pigeons ? I arleady told you…aliens are coming…they are already…around…be ready…wear a …
    drummers can help for sure LOL

    1. lolol aliens are really coming? thanks for the heads up, dude!
      call the drummers! xox

  5. It is a periscope and they are watching you.

    1. i KNEW it lol… and they were calling me paranoid 🙂

  6. Dystopia, here we come! “He loved Big Brother.”

    1. who loved Big Brother?… robo-pigeon?

      1. Phil Vaughn says:

        You gots to read the book (1984)…but you can skip to the last line which I have provided. Ok, ok, so I’m not on the same page with you here. 😉

      2. i read that book in highschool, when 1984 was still in the future lol… but that was a loooong time ago lol

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