My husband is the cook in the family, and I buy him fancy things to cook with, but mostlly they sit on a shelf because he only wants to use them for special occasions… it’s frustrating 🙂

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  1. I was just about to say that it is a good deal you have with your husband. But then I got to the disappointment factor, which sort of rips is apart. But if nothing else, it gives you some props to create beautiful images.

    1. oh i am soooo blessed by my husband’s cooking, there is nooo disappointment!! merely frustration, i laugh at him that he won’t use all the wonderful tools i bought him!! lol grrrr

  2. good tools really do make a difference. Kitchenaide is a good brand. nice pic too.

    1. thanks sis… yes, i know that he does appreciate the tools, maybe he just appreciates them too much lol

  3. How wonderful that your husband cooks! Mine can barely boil an egg! But I love him dearly. I do not use a lot of gadgets – a simple cook. Friendship

    1. yes, it was total destiny that my husband cooks.. believe me lol… friendship back xox

  4. At least you have cool things to phoyograph.

    1. not really lol it’s pretty slim pickin’s around here lol thanks tho, kitchenaids are cool

  5. Hello wonderful inox !!

    1. hehe, what’s an inox?

  6. wow, that pic makes kitchen appliances look sexy. I don’t cook, even though I took a cooking clas

    1. i don’t even make toast, i consider that cooking lolol…. what kind of class did you take?

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