Somebody on youtube, I forget who, did a Marilyn make up tutorial, and I really don’t own that much makeup, so I made up for the lack with a pose 🙂

16 thoughts on “Makeup Tutorial Fail

    1. thank you! it’s some water colour action I was playing with… i send my selfies i play with to a friend, and she asked me why I am so obsessed with myself hahaha, I told her ‘noooo, you don’t understand! most of my photos don’t really have subjects!’ then i had to explain THAT to her 🙂

      1. hmm, seems like she would ask why you look so much like Marilyn. i wonder if you have a common ancestor. but seriously.

      2. awwwwwwww!!! you are so sweet!! to say such things at my age lol… when i was young and had blonde hair people would say i looked like her, but of course i didn’t act like her, and a big part of being her was how she acted… but i was born a couple of months after she died, so people wondered about reincarnation hahaha

        it’s obvious to me now, that i should have better friends, upon hearing your thoughts 🙂

    1. oh my gosh!! thank you, but nooo i don’t look like her lol when i was young people used to say so though, you’re sweet xoxoxox

  1. came back to this one to tell you i like the new images on your banner. i recognize your niece in the one. i suppose she’s a young lady by now.

    1. thanks sister! what a sweet thing to do… it’s always nice, when a friend is nice 🙂
      and yes, my niece just turned 19 years old… i think that means i haven’t seen her in 10 years 🙁

      1. oh, i’m sorry. that’s the last time we laid eyes on our daughter as well. July of 2010. this is an ugly old world in which we live.

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