The Last Time

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I never would have imagined that this was the last time waiting in a doctor’s office…

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  1. Last time? I hope it’s a good sign.

    1. hehe, just a sign that doctors are working from home coz of covid

      1. Good to read. Only goes to show how my eyes are all wide shut. Or maybe it’s my brain.

      2. haha, you’re just a happy guy, an optimist 🙂

  2. There is something that touches my heartstrings about this. Friendship

    1. yeah, me too, sister… me too xoxoxox

  3. You got a cool shot on that visit.
    I am excited because the Vancouver doctor told me that I can stop getting blood tests three times per week and only go once. A big step.

    1. that does sound like a big step! and one in the right direction! yes?

  4. hmm, a sobering thought

  5. hmm, what’s this? am i lost? musta been a typo on my part. love the pic.

  6. i see i did make a typo and your blog didn’t know who i was : – ) sobering thought, your pic

    1. yeah, it’s not showing your website! thanks and yes it’s sobering

  7. i felt anxious because of the ambiguous title. thanks to Otto, i feel a bit better. whatever, take care!

    1. i’m so sorry for making you feel anxious! i didn’t mean to do that to people!

  8. Great! Love th ephoto. Enjoy the music! And it is ok. Love for all!

    1. hehe, thanks robert… i love that song too!

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