This is Coco. She was the first chihuahua I got after my 20 year old poodle died. I named her Coco after my perfume; Coco Chanel, which I preferred over Chanel No. 5

But my husband is like Dr Freaking Doolittle and he stole her heart away from me, but I was still happy at the relationship the two of them had and took tons of pictures of them cuddling on the couch.

Coco died of keto problems from diabetes, and I had to immediately look for a free dog on Craig’s list because my hubby was heart broken. And we got Sparky. Later on, I got Zoe, and I loved her more than life itself.

Crissy, Coco, Sparky, Zoe, Smidge.. These are the dogs of our lives.

So I learned my lesson and never let another chihuahua leave my side.

Smidge gets crazy happy as soon as my husband gets up out of his arm chair and she runs to get skritchy skratches from him.

But Smidge knows who her mommy is. 🙂

12 comments on “Remembering”

  1. What a cutie COCO was. I have no pets anymore. My heart was broken each time we lost one. NOw I enjoy my grand dogs and grand cat. Friendship

    1. I knooooow, it hurts so much!!! and I am kind of hoping that Smidge will out live me so that I don’t have to go through it again… and yes, Coco was cute, thanks, sis xox

  2. When our Teddy died we just couldn’t get another with the prospect of going through that again.

    1. I know what you mean, when Zoe died, well, i have been crying for FIVE YEARS, she was so special to me! but lets face it, i’m the kind of woman who needs the love of a little dog, so here is Smidge 🙂

  3. Coco looked gorgeous and proud. It’s always hard to lose someone who has taken your heart.

    1. yes, Coco had hubby’s heart alright, but he’s not like me, he can segregate the pain into an unconscious part of his mind…. he’s ok, and never thinks about her, unless i bring her up

  4. such a regal lady

    (my hubby steals the hearts of my pets too. i tell him he puts off a scent.)

    1. lol it’s not fair is it?
      although, even I like the way my husband smells lolol

  5. Coco looks like a great little girl. She’s golden. Sparky is your walking fuzzball. Zoe was your angel. Smidge approaches the world with her tongue out (So there, World!) and is your little diva girl. She knows how to get what she wants from whomever may fall victim to her wiles. What a fantastic bunch of wiggly, warm, fur-kiddos have been with you! You have to consider yourself to be very blessed to have such company and know such love. I think they feel the same way. 😀

    1. yes, you know, i had the name ‘Smidge’ in mind, when i got Zoe, but i considered Zoe my gift straight from God, and she had that kind of love… that i had to call her Zoe… she was my angel… my heart may remain forever broken that she is not with me…
      Smidge is certainly a diva lol she expects total love from me, but refuses to be as unabashedly loving as zoe was lol
      like crissy, she loved me a lot, but when i would pick her up and try to hug her to me, she would push on my chest to keep away lol they are all different, that’s for sure… Zoe was super special, and i miss her so much! but i know Smidge loves me, as she is constantly by my side, with her head on my thigh, sleeping, always sleeping lol
      i doooo consider myself blessed by the animals i have had! thanks, Phil xoxoxox

  6. wonderful shot.

    1. thank you, Roland xox

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