Coast Capital

I have nothing to say about this picture lol it looks like the borg cube of banking has landed and…

Resistance is Futile...

11 comments on “Coast Capital”

  1. i like it a lot. the grit and color palette really lends itself to the patterns. gotta love the street lamp as well.

    1. thanks! looks a bit pukey to me lolol… that street lamp gives a weird kind of perspective doesn’t it?

  2. The blur, the texture and the light all blend to make an interesting mood. Friendship

    1. thanks sis… i don’t like the picture, probably why it didn’t inspire a longer post lol

  3. hmmmm, not sure what to say…maybe tomorrow…one day…

    1. what to say about what? the ugly picture? lol

      1. Ugly gives emotions, nice is boredom LOL

  4. I found this site
    that lists artists who create optical illusions. Damien Gilley uses angles at, uh, all angles, and your photo has that same flavor. So, instead of 10 artists, maybe you are number 11? Hmmm.

    1. wow!!! those pictures are amazing!!! except the poor snake at the end lol
      and no, i’m not number 11, that picture is just of a crooked building lolol
      thanks for the thought tho!

  5. It looks like all the desks would slide to one side.

    1. lol, the floors are ok, it’s my horizon that’s a little off

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