Null Picture

Here’s another picture of nothing processed with my blurry movie action, which i made and it takes about 5 minutes to run haha i sense an addiction to processing black and white photos this way, it’s comin’ up around the bend.

I showed this picture to a friend and asked her if she liked it… she said ‘what do you mean?’ … i said ‘do you know the word ‘like’?’… she said ‘well that’s just the most bizarre question i’ve ever heard.’… i said ‘it’s a fairly mundane question.’… she said ‘i have no idea how to answer it’… etc etc etc…

it was the funniest thing ever lol… she couldn’t say she liked one of my bloody awful pictures of NOTHING, that i further messed up during processing

personally? i LIKE it … hehe.

I put your picture away... sat down and cried today...

16 comments on “Null Picture”

  1. overhead poles… rare these days but not completely gone, Elaine.

    1. are they rare? i hadn’t noticed!

  2. Ooo, i like this a lot. always love power line shots

    1. it’s odd that we can see the power lines when the construction crane mostly got lost in the blur!
      thanks for liking it, sister xoxoxox

  3. I would shake up your friend a little. It’s impolite to not answer a question! Well, for what it’s worth, I love it. I love those grungy images you create – particularly your black and whites stand out.

    1. aaaaah Otto, you and your kind words to me! they always make my heart glow 🙂 thank you so much, sweetie xoxox

  4. A scratchy viny record is playing in my mind when I look at this photo. And I LOVe scratch vinyl. Friendship

    1. awwww! so it gave you a happy memory! that pleases me xoxoxox

  5. Not messed up. Enhanced. I really like this one.

    1. really?? YAY!! this makes me happy <3

  6. an excellent nothing full of deep details about life, you can believe me 😎

    1. I believe you. You are good at finding deep details 🙂

  7. Null? Do you like my comment?
    (It isn’t null. It’s ominous.) 😉

    1. like some of my customer emails lol

      1. Phil Vaughn says:

        Consider them “null.” 🙂

      2. but they sound like serial killers lol

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