Mother Mother

There was a tv show a couple of years ago, based on Psycho, and they filmed it here… we used to drive by the Bates Motel and mother’s house, so one time we stopped and I took pictures. Good thing too, coz they have since torn the whole thing down. It’s now nothing but an empty lot full of boards.

If you look closely, you can see Hitchcock painted on one of the windows.

Even though the whole thing was fiction, this was an eerie sight.

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  1. eeek! that building gives em the creeps. you should’ve saved this one for Halloween!

    1. lol you’re right!! tho i have had the picture for a couple of years and might have posted it for halloween earlier…

  2. I do see Hitcock’s outline. I like how your presentation has made it look creepier than ever. Friendship

    1. yeah, the windows were covered with boards at the time, not filming, so they painted his shadow… thanks, it is creepy isn’t it? lol xoxoxox

  3. good grief, i can’t believe they just tore it down. i never watched the movie because hearing my older siblings talk about it was scary enough for me.

    cool pic

    1. actually, i was thinking they tore it down either to avoid squatters or that the neighbours were complaining about the creepiness of it lol i’m guessing the latter 🙂 i don’t think i ever saw psycho either… it’s one of those movies where i knew enuff about it to be confused lol
      thanks, sis xoxox

  4. I’m glad you took that photo. It looks like some of the houses near where I live. Now I’ll be looking for Alfred in the windows when I drive by. BTW, the trailer is hilarious. I had never seen it.

    1. lol trying to picture your neighbourhood, Phil… ugh, i wouldn’t sleep at night if i lived there 🙂 oh wait, i don’t sleep at night anyway..

  5. I was going to UVic in 1980 and they had a screening of Psycho. It seemed incredibly scary that night for some reason.

    1. yeah… i’m not sure i saw it, but i have seen the shower scene.. who was that? janet leigh? i heard that she was never able to watch that scene after filming it… scary movie!

  6. oh yes, the outline of the building certainly looks like something most ideal for that premise, Elaine. good thing too that you got that shot.

    1. i know right? they pretty much built the exact set of the original movie… except it wasn’t on much of a hill, so no stairs going up to it really… thanks, Ayush, for appreciating it 🙂

  7. I do really like these old scaring houses. Oppps, better said I do really like pictures of these old scaring houses !
    And when in the right mood I like the old Hitchcock movies. But not now, I had enough emotions in the last couple of months…

    1. totally agree! we need cheery movies now.. uplifting movies! love stories and such 🙂 xox

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