Scarlet Ribbons

A picture of something 🙂 to break up all the nothing

A week or two ago, I got my new striped dress in the mail, and it was wrapped in that red scarf

12 comments on “Scarlet Ribbons”

  1. That song always tugs at my heart. I LOVE this photo. Your red lips and red scarf are fabulous! Friendship

    1. thank you sweet heart, it seems selfies are the only portraits i have to take these days lol and yes, it’s a very sweet song!

  2. That is some wild processing! Wow!

    1. that action is not very good… it’s only wild coz it picked up on the red… but thanks 🙂

  3. Love the red lips. A real statement.

    1. hmmm, i wonder what i’m stating? lol… thanks, Michael xox

  4. well, you take very interesting selfies. love, love.

    1. that’s very very kind of you, my dear, i appreciate it xoxoxoxox

  5. You certainly picked up on the red. A salute to the colour. And an always interesting and captivating vision.

    1. oh, Otto, you’re so sweet 🙂 i forget why i was saluting lolol

  6. not a song I remember, but your ribbons sure do look nice 🙂

    1. thanks Ryan 🙂 i didn’t remember the song either, before my time, but i found it in a search

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