The Crossroads


Remember the movie ‘Crossroads?’ where a guitar player went down to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil to be famous? and Ralph Macchio wins his soul back in a showdown against the devil’s guitar player? you see, he had classical training as a boy, but always wanted to learn the blues… Ralph actually learned to play the guitar for the movie! the devil’s guitar player was from david lee roth’s band… Steve Vye I think

13 comments on “The Crossroads”

  1. framing and blurring make your picture a great one. one beautiful photo of this rich nothing.
    did this Ralph really learned to play guitar for this movie?

    1. sweet comments about my picture! i like it! <3
      and yes, Ralph learned to play the guitar for the movie, but i'm pretty durned sure the playing we HEARD was not his lol

  2. I like how you pair your images with songs and movies. I remember a song about that story too. I like the way you presented this crossroads. Friendship

    1. hehe thanks! it’s fun to make a pairing… i’m very associative lol xoxox

  3. Strong video! When I was 14 so long ago I studied classic guitar for two years but it was not my things…still today I’m not able to walk in front of a music shop and stop looking at those beautiful guitars…

    Love the colours and the blurr in your photo. And yes, crossroads can be interesting, you never know whom you can meet…even…

    1. really?? i took classical guitar around that age toooooo… i’m not that interested in guitars anymore though 🙂
      thanks about my photo… you’re too kind xox

  4. I love the curving of that road taking us on a journey. Your images have taken on a lovely pictorialism of the 1900 era with a modern twist.
    If you like Crossroads you should listen to Robert Johnson music. All that crossroads legend comes from his life.

    1. yeah, that’s who the movie was about.. Robert Johnson… it was a good movie that stands the test of time…
      thank you for the lovely comment on my pictures… i worked so hard on that photoshop action!

  5. Your photo has a subtle dreaminess to it like one of those dim memories that seem to float by every now and then. By the way, Robert Frost asked me to tell you that he wishes he had a camera for his “The Road Less Taken” poem.

    1. yeah man, i hate that poem hahahhaha for I HAVE taken the road less travelled and yeah it DID make all the difference… a really really baaaad difference! stick to the well worn paths people!
      erm, i mean, thanks about my photo, Phil! xoxoxoxoxox

      1. Phil Vaughn says:

        🙂 I do understand. Have you noticed that most roads we travel are all ONE WAY? Imagine that.
        Maybe you should use your “road” ideas for your next novel.

      2. dude, there is no next novel!!! lol i’m a one hit wonder lolol… and yes, the road has only one destination!… in the end 🙂

  6. so beautifully composed and i love the softness

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