The Island

Is this world sacred?

10 comments on “The Island”

  1. We humans certainly do not treat it as sacred. SInce God made it, it certainly is. Lovely song.Friendship

    1. yes, i was thinking the exact same thing, sis xox

  2. beautifully composed and wow on the processing. love the inclusion of typography in your finished image.

    1. hey thank you, sweet heart… coming from you, that’s a high compliment xoxox

  3. Every part of Mother Earth is sacred.

    1. spoken like a true gardener, Michael xoxox

  4. I looked at the Google Earth aerial of the island. it looks like they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
    Methinks we have lost our perspective.

    1. it’s a big industrial park… so yeah, basically paved, you’re right xox

  5. Excellent photo, very well processed. Love that right upper corner, real an artist touch. Brava!
    How did you learn to develop such special ideas?
    A few years ago I bought a beautiful photography book (photographer Merri Cyr) in occasion of a photograohic show “Jeff Buckley, so real” which unfortunately I could not visit. But at least I have the book!
    So sad he left us so young.

    1. well, robert, this photoblog has been going on since 2008, and i used to process pictures like crazy, but now, i do a little colour adjustment and then run a photoshop action that i made to make it blurry etc to look like film, sort of… i played with that action for so long that it takes 10 minutes to run haha… and as far as the overlays go, i’m actually much calmer than i used to be with them lol but thank you soooooo much for the compliments!!! and yes, it’s very sad that Jeff Buckley is gone, and he did such a beautiful version of that song, don’t you think?
      and i’m glad you have the book 🙂

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