Keep On Truckin’

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10 comments on “Keep On Truckin’”

  1. it’s amazing what processing can do to an everyday scene. i love shots like this.

    1. luckily i like shots like this too! lol me special home made photoshop action that takes 10 minutes to run lol

  2. Like a scene from an old movie. I have not thought of that song in a long while. Friendship

    1. that’s what i’m working on, to look like it’s from a movie 🙂 thanks sis xxox

  3. Very cool processing again. You are getting real style.

    1. awww, shuckin’s, Michael… thank you so much!! xoxox

  4. Nice. 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂

  5. We just watched CONVOY on Amazon Prime! I forgot how much I loved that movie as a kid.

    1. hehe, i don’t remember it, just ‘smokey and the bandit’ lol

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