So Long Self

Don't go away mad, but by all means, just go away..

14 comments on “So Long Self”

  1. Gee, why so sad? Don’t be. That’s an order.

    1. aye aye, captain! lol i’m not so sad anymore, just a bad day

  2. No sadness! No sadness ! It’s all sunshine! No worries!!!

    1. all sunshine, check! lol… it is actually a cheery song, meaning trade self for Jesus…

  3. We all have our sad moments. As long as we don’t live there. Trading our self for Jesus is well worth it. I hope you are feeling happier now. Friendship

    1. feeling better, yes… thanks… wait, what happens if i live there? lol

  4. a moving post

    i had a stranger tell me a few weeks ago that i needed to ‘act happy’ because i would make other people happy and that if i didn’t smile that it would ‘bring people down, cause you’re kinda bringing me down’.

    really? so i didn’t scold her to her face since she was a stranger, but i felt like telling her, “i wasn’t put on this earth to act happy so it would make you feel happy.”

    what is it you say, “Pfsst” (i can’t remember how you type that out, but i’ve seen you do that.

    1. Pffft!! don’t you hate it when people just randomly tell you to smile? like you are just supposed to walk down the street looking insane, just for them!
      that used to drive me bonkers, and i definitely feel your pain… but still, it’s like it’s written on our faces that we aren’t exactly the happy campers of the world, and that makes me a bit sad, that people know that about me, just with a glance..
      so much so that they feel the need to show their ignorance to us, as strangers… 🙁

  5. I rarely have bad days now. They used to be the norn.

    1. i’m sooo glad to hear that Michael!!! xoxoxox!! cheers, to all your good days!

  6. Daus are days, sometimes happy, sometimes blues

    1. happy days? lol do people still have those?? 🙂

      1. yes but they do not know…

      2. yes, i understand… we don’t know what we got till it’s gone

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