I know that it's all just a state of mind...

12 comments on “Mountain”

  1. the deep blue and the grit is exquisite.

    the mountains, in all there grandeur were a surprise but such a wonderful element.

    1. yeah, i love those bridge pictures… sometimes i think that my pictures are all the same, but what difference does that make? lol
      i’m glad you were surprised 🙂

  2. It can’t only be a state of mind, when you have it on film… But maybe that’s why I like the photo, it’s creating a special state of mind in my mind.

    1. it was just a lyric from the song 🙂 indeed it would be hard to catch a state of mind on film lol

  3. I like the dreamlike quality of this image. Friendship

    1. thank you, sweetheart xoxox

  4. Love the eerie darkness.

    1. the image is kind of dark looking isn’t it? it was the middle of the day however… thanks, Michael xox

  5. There is wonderful scenery in your world. Thanks for sharing the view.

    1. awww, you’re welcome… it is beautiful here, isn’t it?

  6. oh my god … haven’t heard that song in AGES!!! Pic has that nostalgic eerie Bruce Springsteen video vibe.

    1. hehe, i love that version of the song… don’t really love bruce tho lol

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