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14 comments on “Industry”

  1. A favorite Tom Waits song! Never saw a video f it before. LOVE IT! The photo is all too familiar. Friendship

    1. yes, one of my fave songs from my fave album of his! thanks! friendship xoxoxox

  2. That is one of the weirdest Waits’ songs. But the weirder he gets the more interesting! A perfect song for the photo. Why even build such an ugly box (in my opinion at least). Look at the beautiful trees next to it. It’s a whole story in that photo!

    1. i knoooow lol it’s a weird song, but i like it!
      and yes, it’s an ugly building, but i liked the hairy tree 🙂

  3. Ooo, the tree is exquisite

    1. thank you, sis… i liked the tree tooooo xoxoxox

  4. I love Tom Waits.
    Anyway, that is another really interesting image. One thing that really stands out is that the building has hard lines whereas Mother Nature gives us the more pleasing soft curvy lines. A very nice contrast.

    1. very nice observation, Michael xoxoxox

  5. “we have the right to know”, for sure!

    1. hahaha, great song huh???

  6. The nature and the man, what a difficult relation!!! Love Tom Waits, love your photo.

    1. yes, mankind doesn’t seem to get along with anything lol… thanks, robert, i love tom waits too xoxoxoxox

  7. That is one very generic looking building …. looks like giant Lego blockc

    1. totally haha, lego! you nailed it! xoxox

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