A Man to Stick it Out

second floor living without a yard..

10 comments on “A Man to Stick it Out”

  1. I do not know what I would do without my yard during these past months. to me this is a scary image. Friendship

    1. well, listen to the song it’s not scary

  2. and they have a leaking roof, i’m guessing

    1. yes, they do lol a leaky roof and a sattelite dish… i’m guessing their priorities are a bit out of whack lol

  3. If is raining like here, he had better get the job done.

    1. it IS… totally smells like wet dog in here lol

  4. It reminds me when may years ago I lived in an house with the roof leaking …I had to place buckets and pots in strategic places! But it was a good time nevertheless 🙂

  5. wow … forgot about Feist …. cool song

    1. i remember her on american idol, when the singer from ‘Heart’ was there singing ‘Baracuda’ and suddenly Feist came out on stage turning cartwheels and singing along, only better than the singer from Heart… everybody’s jaws hung open lol

    2. actually, no, that wasn’t feist, that was fergie lol mixed up my f words 🙂

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