Horses Horses Horses

“And we’re back on the air with ‘sleepless in seattle”
‘oh! ooh! oh oh!’
‘yes, i would like to know where i can get this man’s number?’
‘honey, get in line’

"He could be a serial killer, a crack head, or somebody really sick.. someone like my Rick."

10 comments on “Horses Horses Horses”

  1. you’re too funny with your dialogue

    gotta love your capture too. so pretty.

    1. lol i haven’t seen the movie in a long time so i can’t be absolutely sure about the dialogue 🙂
      thanks, sister.. the horses were pretty!

  2. I like the laid back feeling of the image,, but the wilder mood of the dialog and song. Friendship

    1. hehe, somehow it all fits together in my mind xoxoxox

  3. Nice, how about Horses by Patty Smith ?

    1. odd, i don’t remember that song!

  4. All the tired horses in the sun
    How’m I supposed to get any ridin’ done? Hmm. (Bob Dylan)

    1. hubby wants to get some ridin’ done soon… i will sit in the barn and drink beer 🙂

  5. Oh boy … that movie is on our short list to watch! But it feels like a fall movie to me.

    1. the beginning of the movie is at Christmas time… that probably just means they wanted a Christmas release date for the movie… but the whole movie isn’t at Christmas, but you’re right, it has a cold weather feel lol

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